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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am a part of Kolkata Food Bloggers'. Our 'admin' told us about before 3 months back, since then I was keenly interested on Zomato meet. After long wait, finally we met with a mirthful and very friendly Zomato group on 22nd June, 2013 at 'Straits', 105, S P Mukherjee Rd, 1st Floor, Kolkata-700 026. They were a group of 6 energetic young, professionally groomed and having expertise in explaining things. We were 9 food bloggers and very excited, as it was our first formal meet up with a professional group. 
This was the first time I visited 'Straits', the restaurant of Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. As per our schedule, I reached there on time, but Zomato group were present there before us and they cordially invited us as and when we reached there. The main section of the restaurant was very decent and well decorated too. Straits conveyed their welcome to us by offering "Sugarcane with Grenadine Syrup". Our discussion started by Zomato team as they discussed on the importance of food bloggers and restaurant reviewers. They also explained us 'what is Zomato and its functionality'.

We were served with starter 'Popiah'/chicken spring roll (for non-veg option) and 'Gado Gado'/roasted vegetables with peanut sauce (for veg option). There is a certain difference in taste between popiah and ordinary chicken spring roll. In popiah, peanuts are blended with minced chicken to make its filling. Anyway, it tasted not so delicious, crunchy and crispy from outside and more nutty from inside. With a very friendly and jovial atmosphere, as requested by Zomato team, we formally started to introduce ourselves, after that they also did the same spontaneously.

Straits started to serve lunch platter with traditional Malay food, 'non-veg Nasi Lemak' (Coconut Rice served with Chicken Rendang, Samsal Egg, Anchioves and Peanuts) and for vegetarians the option was 'vegetarian Nasi Lemak' (Coconut Rice served with Paneer Rendang and deep fried Mushrooms with Kung Po Sauce). As I felt the dish was drier and lighter too. but flavourful and tasted good. Zomato team was wonderful. We started chatting, clicking snaps, exchanging our opinions. Zomato team suggested about top restaurants' and/or food chains in different location of Kolkata on different cuisines.

The dessert served to us named, 'Sago Gula Melaka'. It was coconut creamy sago pudding topped by a scoop of ice cream. As per me, sago pearls were not well soaked and coconut cream used more here. It was not justified according to taste buds. It is my opinion, Straits should pay more attention on their dessert section. Here my advice is, 'Straits' should strengthen themself regarding the authenticity of food, as they failed to meet that expection.

Zomato team was excellent; their warm smiles still remain with us. At the very end of our lovely meet, they presented each food blogger "The Connoisseur's Guide to Eating Out in Kolkata", a restaurant guide book and a very cute coffee mug. Lastly, recieved a lovely chocolate pack from our co-blogger friend 'S', thanks dear..relished it in every munch. Thus I left an afternoon with full of sweet and wonderful memories, which will remain forever.
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