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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi Friends,
PRIYA RANJIT of Cook Like Priya & DIVYA PRAMIL of You Too Can Cook - Indian Food Recipes jointly hosted their event & giveaway '60 Days to Christmas', a very successful event which ran in between Oct. 2012 to Dec. 2012.
Best Wishes from Priya Ranjit

Best Wishes from Divya Pramil
I am really glad that my Chicken Shashlik has won an award for Best Non-Veg Appetizer in that event. Thanks to both of you Divya & Priya for selecting my entry. It is really an inspiration as well as encouragement for budding bloggers like me. My hearty congratulations to all other winners of this event.
Truelly, I could not believe my eyes, when I saw they selected me as a "Lucky Winner". I was totally spellbound for that moment. I am so much happy, boundless happiness and all are for both of you Priya and Divya. My heartfelt thanks to both of you. Hats off to your efforts and indeed a great job done by you both.
I am really honoured by both of you dearies....
There was some options for selecting the gifts, from that I choosen Nova Electronic Kitchen Scale (upto 5 kgs). Yesterday I received that gift. Thanks a ton to both of you, Divya & Priya.

It is very light, easy to handle and looks so pretty. Very useful gift for me and I just loved it. Thank you so much sisters for your supports throughout the process and being with me.

Immediately after opening my gift, I switched on the scale and measure the exact weight of a Red Bell Pepper, just see it.
It shows exactly 71 gms.
Once again, my heartfelt thanks to you Divya and Priya for gifting this useful measuring scale to me. From now onwards, I will be more accurate on the measurement of ingredients using by me. A recipe never gets success without the exact measurement of its all ingredients. And those who are newly stepping in the kitchen, it will be always helpful for them, which I faced at the beginning of my married life...:)
I am heartily thankful to all my blogger friends / readers, who continuously supported and encouraged me by leaving their wonderful inspiring comments on my space. Lastly, my warmest thanks to my betterhalf, if he is not continuously supporting me, I could not reach so far..............