Sanoli's Kitchen: AAM-RAS

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Today, I come here with a flavourful mango delicacy. I know most of my friends love this delicious dessert. The alphonso mango is very luscious, sweet and usually used for this preparation. 'Aam' means the king of all fruits, mango and 'ras' means juice. But it looks different than a juice and is a mouthwatering and popular dessert item in all over the India.

2 Cups Mango Pulp
1/2 Cup Sugar or as per sweetness of mango
1/2 Cup Milk / coconut milk
1/4 tsp Cardamom powder
A pinch of Saffron (optional)
Few Pistachios, raisins and Cashewnuts for garnishing

Combine mango pulp, sugar, milk, saffron and cardamom powder in a jar and blend altogether for 60 to 90 seconds.

Pour in ramekins and decorate with pistachios, raisins and cashewnuts.

Place in refregerator for 1-2 hours before serving.

Serve as a dessert or may serve with hot puris too.

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  1. wow Sanoli I am so happy to see you back to blogging, I got really worried and later check with Divya Prakash on what happened to you. We missed you :) and thanks a ton for making this scrumptious dessert with mango for Christmas event :) supr inviting... take care

  2. Nice to see you back in action Sanoli..
    Nothing can beat this aamras made from Alfonso mangoes..

  3. welcome bck sano. mailed u abt this month challenges

    aam ras with poori
    mmmmm yummmyyyyyyyy

  4. Glad to see you back Sanoli, hope everything is ok at ur end. Aam ras with poori,i can die for.

  5. glad to see you back sanoli :) i hope all is well on your side.. nice recipe..

  6. wow!!look so delicious....
    Happy to see you are back.Hope to see more posts now...:)
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  7. Missed your presence a lot Sanoli. hope everything is fine. happy blogging. Aamras looks great.

  8. Happy to see you back....Looks so delicious....

  9. Welcome back dear,looks the recipe.

  10. Welcome back dear, missed ur lovely recipes...Aam ras sounds too delicious n looks very tempting... lovely pics n presentation!

  11. Welcome back dear... Would love to have them with pooris. Mangoes are my favie and so is this delicacy

  12. I missed u n your space too,Glad that you are back,Sanoli..Great & delightful recipe :)
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  13. Welcome back dear.. Yummy n inviting

  14. Sanoli missed u, ur wonderful comments and yummy recipes :) Great to see you back am so glad....And nice recipe my favorite one :) Well presented too Sanoli...Hugs... welcome back :)
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  15. Wow.. our whole family's favorite one. I love this dessert more if my hubby prepare.

  16. Welcome back dear, missed u a lot, take care.
    Today's recipe is super delicious....

  17. Very delicious amm ras

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