Sanoli's Kitchen: About Me

About Me

Hi Friends,

Please allow me to take a moment to introduce you to my space, “Sanoli’s Kitchen”. I am Sanoli and my husband both are complete foodie and cooking is my passion and I love to experiment on new dishes, as don’t like regular stuff. I entered kitchen for cooking only after marriage and on that day I was quite novice, my husband taught me the nuts and bolts of it. On those days, cooking was an adventure for me. Gradually, my cooking skills have been amplified. Now I can cook lot of varieties; as much as I love making my traditional family recipes, I also love taking a plunge into other cuisines of India and around the world. I don’t consider myself an expert, this blog contains all tested and tried recipes and those are loved by our family and friends. It is my belief, learning never ends. I am always enthusiastic to learn new things. I am quite outspoken and transparent in nature. Though a careerist woman before, now enjoying this phase of life as a proud homemaker.

You are always welcome! Have a fun time on my space and don’t forget to try out my recipes. All are invited to visit my dishes and give me your suggestions as well as comments.