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'Italian Cuisine' follows the Mediterranean pattern of food - focuses on natural as well as simple ingredients, i.e. whole grains, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, dark green leaves and lots of cheese making it one of the healthiest diets of the world. The benefits of a Mediterranean style eating pattern may include improved weight loss, reduced risk of depression and better control of blood-glucose (sugar) level in human body. Recently we, a group of friends from CaL Bloggers Table explored out for some authentic flavours from Italy in our city, Kolkata. We selected Fire and Ice (a reputed Italian Cuisine Restaurant), located in heart of city. Fire and Ice is one of the best Italian joints in the city. The atmosphere is great, the place is very spacious, very comfortable and serves a good long menu. Although it can feel that way with all the aromas around making you hugrier.

I arrived little late, as I saw everyone ordered for drinks and starter. We ordered vegetarian 'Farcita' (Rs. 400/-) which was not included in menu card, first entree as a starter. As per my knowledge, farcita (Italian round bread) is hot and crisp from the outside and enfolding with cold mozzarella and tomato slices from inside. It would be very tasty by dizzling little olive oil and sprinkling red chilli flakes on the top. But here I observed it was very cold from inside and outside both, not satisfied my tastebuds.

Next came two skewers of grilled boneless chicken which arranged alternatively with slices of tomato, green pepper and pearl onion; named 'Spiedini alla Griglia' (Rs. 495/-). It was served with herbs melted cheese, really very delicious. Chicken was very soft, tender and perfectly grilled.

As I reached little late, so I ordered another starter 'Rondelle di Patate Fritte' (Rs. 295/-) came on our table. This was actually dip fried potato chips with tomato sauce and basil pesto. Loved potato chips with the dips, but according to me it was exuberantly high priced.

We selected few items from menu card for our main course. The first one came was 'Penne Bolognese' (Rs. 435/-), which was a choice of penne pasta with meat (mince lamb) sauce. Pasta was well cooked, but little salty and meat sauce of bolognese was lack of tomatoes. Overall, it was not satisfied my tastebuds well.

I always love the crispness of thin crust Pizza. Next came 'Half and Half Pizza', Fire and Ice on one half and pepperoni on the other. It was demanded by our house and truelly delectable. Fire and ice had tomato, creamy potato, mozzarella, rosemary and oregano, very creamy and mouth watery. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni and jalapeno made Pepperoni Pizza very toothsome and just wonderful. Personally I loved both the pizzas from the core of my heart.

Our meal was not completed except 'Lasagna'. So 'Lasagna Tradizionale' (Rs. 495/-) came to our table. A flat sheet of pasta dough cut into cut into strips, probably one of the oldest type of pasta. Lasagne is traditionally made with interleaving layers of pasta with layers of sauce, made with tomato sauce, mozzarella/ricotta cheese and various meats. Here I felt the lack of ricotta cheese layers in this dish with very less amount of tomatoes in the sauce too. Pastas were overcooked and meat sauce was very similar with bolognese sauce. I expected more delectable lasagne, so not fully satisfied with this dish.

As we had little space in our stomach, so group ordered for dessert, 'Apple Pie with Ice Cream' and dark 'Chocolate Mousse'. Apple Pie had a warm crust and filled with cooking apple, sugar and cinnamon. As cinnamon flavour was little high, so the taste was average. 

Dark, rich 'Chocolate Mousse' without ice-cream was very delicous and fully chocolaty. it was not that much silky, still was satisfied my taste buds.

My overall experience with Fire and Ice was nice. One thing I must say, they need to improve more on the quality of their dishes. I loved the place as well decorated with a nice ambiance, but I must say they are little poor in services. Looking forward with the next blogger table's meet with Chef at Large.

Fire and Ice

Kanak Building, 41, J.L. Nehru Road,
(Entrance on Middleton Street)
Opp. Jeevandeep Building
Kolkata - 700 071. West Bengal, India.

Contact No: +91 33 2288-4057
Cuisine: Italian Cuisine (pizzeria)
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight

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