Sunday, September 29, 2013


The Wall

31, Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road,
Opposite Russa Telephone Exchange,
Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata - 700 029.

Contact Nos: (+91) 33 24649041 / (+91) 33 24640280

Cuisine: Boutique Chinese Food

Hours: 12.30 PM to 3.30 PM, 7.00 PM to 10.45 PM

Gaurmate Indulgence Package: Rs. 999/- + taxes
(Per person for 3 course meal paired with Four Seasons Wines)
Rating: 4/5 

A Food and Wine Fiesta - The Gaurmate Indulgence organised by Four Seasons Wine is going arround Kolkata city. Team Gingerclaps invited a group of food bloggers to demystify sample menus and share about our experience. Me and my fellow blogger Poorna Banerjee who blogs at Presented by P decided to go together at The Wall.

This is the very first time I visited that place. At the entrance we were greeted very warmly by their manager Dibyajyoti Chaudhuri. After welcoming, we started to discuss on Wine pairing event, menus, drinks and what we were going to be served that day. The choice between vegetarian or non vegetarian 3 course of meal, me and Poorna jointly decided to go with levish 3 course of non vegetarian meal.The first course served with 2 glasses of Four Seasons Sauvignon Blanc (red wine), a plate of kimchi and cucumber pickle. Dibyojyoti explained us very nicely that we were going to taste the South Easten Cuisine (Indonesian), which is designed by their chefs according to taste and flavour of the wine.

As both of us are meat lover, so we choosen Satay Babi (pork satay) in peanut sambal dip as a starter. Soft boneless skinless tasty spicy pork pieces arranging in a skewers with a small bowl of peanut sauce, were really very yummy and mouth melting with a glass of red wine. At that time Poorna Banerjee shown me how to swirl wine enough to release its actual flavour. It can be an appetizer, snack or a side dish when part of an Indonesian Rijsttafel. Personally I cherished this flavour of spicy soft pork with sweet and tangy Sauvignon Blanc. Where as our host Debojyoti ordered for a light salad based on lettuce with a spicy chili sauce and mayonnaise.

After the first couse of meal, we opted Khaw Pad Ching Kai (non veg rice) & Kari Kapitan (Gulai / lamb curry) for our main course. 'Kari kapitan' was a harmonious blend of aromatic spices and coconut milk in boneless lamb pieces. Without a doubt, it was awesome taste, aroma, flavor, burst full of yumminess in every bite. Khaw Pad Ching Kai is also very delicious platter of rice. We asked for plain rice and with plain rice that gulai curry was just fabulous.

We had no other choice, so we opted Cantoni Appali as our dessert. I was not very fond of South Eastern dessert but this time it was really a fantastic dessert with quarter of a green apple crust, filled with date and almond paste, smear with a fine caramel layer and one side was sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds (black and white). When I bite it, it was just mouth melting apple dessert as I never tasted before. 

We cherished our experience in 'The Wall', the prices are affordable, good seating arrangement.Thanks a ton to Team Ginger Claps for extending the invitation. The staff is well behaves. Both quality and quantity of food is very nice. Worth a visit for some great Pan Asian food.

Disclaimer: This was an invited review and no monetary transaction was involved.