Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hi friends,

This is my first award. Two of my blogger friends, Lavanya from & PT from shared this 'Fabulous Blog Ribbon' with me. This ribbon is actually token of love towards blogger friends. Lavanya and PT are such friends, I love to follow them, they are always appreciated for their interesting and delicious recipes in this blogger world and regularly I searched their blogs for updates. Thanks a lot to both of you, Lavanya and PT for this token of LOVE. Really this is an enjoyable moment to me. As per rule I want to pass this ribbon to five of my blogger friends. This a very hard job to choose only five among this huge friend-circle. As per me, all of my blogger friends deserve to get this award...

As always by accepting this fabulous ribbon, I have to comply to follow the rule:
Rule 1: Post rules on my blog.
Rule 2: State '5 most fabulous moments either in real life or blogosphere'
Rule 3: State '5 things I love'
Rule 4: State '5 things I hate'
Rule 5: Pass this ribbon to '5 lovely blogger friends' (leave a comment in their blog to notify of their win)

Rule 1: Acoording to this, I have already posted the rules above.

Rule 2: '5 most fabulous moments in real life or blogosphere'
1) When I started blogging on cooking
2) Today, this is the very day, I got my recognition from my blogger friends.
3) When I first linked my recipe for contest, no idea before, I was too exited.
4) When I got numerous appreciation mails from bloggers/readers on my work in my space.
5) Admirable co-operation which I get from my husband in day to day life.

Rule 3: '5 things I love'
1) I love my family including my parents & husband. I think other than their good wishes, I am just nothing.
2) I love my blog.
3) I love social gathering and travelling
4) I love to cook, as cooking is my passion
5) I love to listening music, anytime, any kind of music, specially Indian Classical based musics and Rabindra Sangeet.

Rule 4: '5 things I hate'
1) People who hurt others or misbehave with others without any reason.
2) Who are not truthful.
3) Coward.
4) Partiality.
5) Fraud.

Rule 5: The toughest part, to pass this fabulous ribbon to '5 lovely blogger friends' .

1) Priya from Priya's Versatile Recipes

2) Julie from Erivum Puliyum

3) Shabna from Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

4) Amina Khaleel from Amina Creations

5) Priyanka Verma from Priyanka's Simple & Delicious recipes

Dear friends,

I pass this Award with all my love, smiles and hugs... Please accept this and show your Love, Smiles and Hugs to your loving friends.


  1. Congratulations on your award...First time is always special isn't it...I remember feeling on top of the world on receiving my first one.

    Wishing you many more such laurels

    1. Hi Kaveri, yeh you can feel my feelings. Thanks a lot for your good wishes dear.

  2. Congratulations on your award... Thank you so much for sharing it with me.... :)

  3. Congrats and wishing u many more awards :)

  4. Congrats on ur award,wishing you more and more in future.. Thats really so nice of you to share with me,am honoured.

  5. Hi Congrates !! very happy :)to see this award on you blogger. you deserve it .
    It's my pleasure that u shared it with me i am so happy and wishing that day by day u get more & more awards.:) :)

  6. Congrats on your award and thanks a lot for sharing with me...
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  7. Congrats..Glad 2 c ur blog..Following ur space :)

  8. Congrats on your award, wishing many more to come your way Sanoli. You are great blogger and friend.